Notion Powered Ecommerce

manage product listings

entirely on Notion

Three Steps to Create a FREE

Notion Powered Ecommerce Site

Setup Notion

Get Stripe API Keys


Notion Setup Tutorial

✨ create a new Notion integration

🔑 collect the integration key

📝 create a new Notion page

🔓 grant access to the integration

💾 save the page ID

Stripe Setup Tutorial

🔑 go to the API keys tab

💰 navigate to your Stripe Dashboard

✋ make sure you are not on the test data setting

🔓 copy the Secret Key

Deployment Tutorial

🚀 create a account

🌐 get your domain name ready

✔️ enter access keys on One Click Deploy

One Click Deploy

Please provide your email before deploying your store. We will only send emails for important notifications and updates. Thanks!

Usage Guide

Once your store is set up you can use this video walk through to learn how to create product listings, manage content, and track orders. Enjoy!